Friday, Dec. 19, 2014
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Scottish Society to lead Great Sir John A. Canadian Kilt Skate Jan. 31 on Rideau Canal

From Parliament Hill to city hall for Jimmy K and others

Taxpayer chief, man behind Duffy blimp, moving back to B.C.

Baird encourages Uber after 75-minute wait for a cab on a Saturday night

Strong lineup at Canada 2020 conference set to push election agenda

Collection of Sir John A. Macdonald speeches to be released ahead of bicentennial

MPs and others around the Hill taking ice bucket challenge

Veteran Spriggs makes stop on Hill for PTSD awareness ride

Former journalist Weston now working at Nanos Research

‘Really precious,’ Oliver says after being named to Canadian News of Hall of Fame

Parliament Hill insiders set to launch Dominion City brewery next month

Tom Lukiwski started first but brother Terry ‘arguably the best jazz trombonist in Canada’: HOH


Parliamentary Calendar
Sunday, December 21, 2014
Maher, Den Tandt's Barrack Hill Balladeers perform at Tunes for Ottawa Food Bank shindig at D'Arcy's, Dec. 17 Dec. 18, 2014

Photograph courtesy of Dylan Robertson
D'Arcy McGees was packed on Wednesday night as Hill journalists, staffers. GR and PR folks came out to raise money for the Ottawa Food Bank.
Photograph courtesy of Mark Bourrie
Stephen Maher and Michael Den Tant performing alongside fellow Barrack Hill Balladeers at D'Arcy's Wednesday night.
Photograph courtesy of Stephen Maher
Mark Fraser and Bobby Watt start off the evening with Irish folk song Carrickfergus.
Embassy News Photograph courtesy of Laura Beaulne-Stuebing
Mark Fraser, Stephen Maher, Michael Den Tant and Celeste Côté.
The Hill Times photograph by Rachel Aiello
The Barrack Hill Balladeers had been practising for a while before their performance, said Stephen Maher. The crowd enjoyed them.