Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014
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Canadian federal elections: one campaign, many battlegrounds

The key to making overall gains is the ability to maintain internal cohesion while fighting multiple combatants from different parts of the political spectrum.

So close, but no cigar: close ridings aren't always safe target ridings

In the last 20 years, no close seat in a general election remained close in a subsequent byelection. And no close byelection race had ever been a close race in the previous general election. Not one.

Progressives urged to move from 'think tank' to 'do tank' to counter erosion of democracy

Massive growth in the conservative 'ideological persuasion industry,' tools targeted at the grassroots.

Voters angry, engaged, and ahead of conventional parties: Hébert

Conventional political parties are 'slow to catch the wave,' or simply being cast away by a populace looking for something else, says Chantal Hébert.

Time to modernize election process, urges Canada's chief electoral officer

Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand tells Parliament the Elections Act needs an overhaul.

Online voting won't hike youth turnout, but 'it grows on you,' forum told

Electronic voter registration will be the first step in Canada, although Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand is authorized to explore 'alternative voting methods'.

Byers' formula fails in his own province

Michael Byers recently urged the Liberals and NDP to strike a one-time deal where each party would stand down from running candidates in ridings in which the other party placed higher. But his vote switching theory doesn't fly.


Parliamentary Calendar
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Lobbyists, MPs get in on the ice bucket challenge for ALS Sept. 3, 2014

Photo courtesy Summa Strategies
The team at Summa Strategies took the ice bucket challenge last week at the Parliament Pub. Summa challenged board members from the Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC) to take it next. From left: intern John McHughan, vice-chairman Tim Powers, senior adviser Louis-Alexandre Lanthier, consultant Kate Harrison, vice-president Jim Armour, vice-president Robin MacLachlan, president Tracey Hubley, senior adviser Michele Austin, and consultant Angela Christiano.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
The Government Relations Institute of Canada board members take the ice bucket challenge.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
GRIC directors feel the chill.
The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
From left: GRIC president Andre Albinati, secretary Joanne Dobson, board members Kevin Desjardins and Alayne Crawford, treasurer Phil Cartwright, and board members Alex Maheu and Jason Kerr.
Photograph provided Hill and Knowlton Strategies
Health Minister Rona Ambrose gets in on the ice bucket challenge.
Photograph courtesy Hill and Knowlton Strategies
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.
Photograph courtesy Hill and Knowlton Strategies
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.