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ISSUE: 01-18-2017

Articles in this Issue:

‘It can’t be more of the same’ as precarious work grows, says NDP

‘With all the talk of Canada being back,’ aid groups ‘alarmed,’ told to expect little from budget

Agribusiness mega-mergers won’t help to feed the world

Canada can only truly be back when we contribute our fair share

Canada’s progressive trade agenda starts in Africa

Commons okays $2.4-million in committee travel over past year

Cyprus peace talks: waiting for Erdogan

Drywall tariff harms businesses, must be lowered

Electoral reform is dead, though was it ever even alive?

Enter Hurricane Trump

Envoys bid farewell to Ottawa over holiday season

Feds committed to helping youth ‘realize their full potential’: PS Schiefke

Finance minister hires new senior communications assistant

House of Commons wins recognition as a top employer for young people

How to turn off the cash-for-access tap

New minister could signal step away from scrapping first past the post: strategist

No northerners in cabinet, no problem for veteran Yukon MP

Now, the hard part: few easy fixes left for feds on housing

Of politicians, vacations, and helicopters

Politics This Morning: Businessman Kevin O’Leary expected to enter Conservative leadership race

Preparing young Canadians for the jobs of tomorrow

Proportional representation like participation medals: everyone feels good, no one wins

Tackling the digital skills gap: youth without jobs, employers without workers

Tax hikes hobble young people’s job prospects

The other half of preparing for a Trump era

The Trump watchers: who advises Trudeau on the new Washington

Trump shows globalization’s logic can be challenged

We need better policies made for and by youth

When a hockey rink gets more ink than a failed state


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