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ISSUE: 06-21-2017

Articles in this Issue:

‘Shocked,’ ‘profoundly disappointed’: Ex-clerks pan appointment process after Bosc passed over for House clerk

Canada should ‘step up’ on Israel-Palestine

Canada should wait before sending troops back to Afghanistan

Canadian company the Conservatives used to count leadership vote leads election tech industry on both sides of the border

Canadian media approaches a ‘cliff’; subsidies not the answer, say industry analysts

Civil liberties, democracy under fire across the globe

Conservatives lose deputy leader as Lebel announces resignation

Defence is not the sole guarantor of our security

Families Minister Duclos has two new political aides

Feds must strengthen protections for public service whistleblowers: unanimous committee report

Freeland’s policy pronouncement light on details

Hébert avoids real issue while analyzing rookie ministers

Liberal summer caucus meeting to be held in Kelowna as party looks to maintain grip on B.C.

More broken promises on transparency

MPs billing thousands more on average in expenses in first full year of Liberal rule

Nearly half of Canadians who know about Phoenix snafu say it’s hurt their image of Liberals: poll

Politics This Morning: Cities across the country celebrate National Aboriginal Day with events scheduled from sunrise to sunset

Protecting human rights requires a collaborative approach

Reporter calls out restricted access at Liberal ‘open fundraising’ event

Scheer’s free-speech promise: smart politics, not smart policy

Senate likely to rise this week, not expecting new bills from House, says Independent leader McCoy

Senators polishing their image, one amendment at a time

Status of government bills

Torture allegations against Iraqis fighting on our side should cause Canadians concern

While reporters watch Trump’s tweets, famines kill hundreds in parts of Africa

Why traditionally conservative Ireland, Serbia are open to openly-gay prime ministers


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