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ISSUE: 10-18-2017

Articles in this Issue:

Activists want social housing in new strategy, as feds attempt to boost affordability

Azerbaijan’s take on its territorial tussle with Armenia

Behind the scenes of how Canada’s ‘dream team’ negotiates NAFTA

Board of Internal Economy opening a historic first step, but the test will be if transparency holds

Canada must rethink trade strategy after a half-century of U.S. special access

Canada’s high-tech leaders bypassing the U.S. for success in Asia

Canada’s most-lobbied staffers drive policy tied to federal purse

Donald Trump, change agent

Economy doing well, but year-on-year federal deficits leading to creeping debt is concerning, say experts

Ex-adviser to EU foreign policy chief is new ambassador to Canada, focused on CETA

Feds have to ‘tread carefully’ on cultural policy after Quebec blowback, say political players

Feed the world: Canada needs to continue food assistance leadership

Finance Committee prepping for 2018 budget gets an earful on tax changes: chair

Goal of tax changes to ‘fix’ unfair system that encourages the wealthy to incorporate just for tax savings: Morneau

House subcommittee hearings on mining in Latin America a public disservice

Illiteracy: Canada’s hidden shame

Investing in wireless technology is the key to innovation in Canada

Jagmeet, or Jagmeet Singh?

Justin Trudeau: Robin Hood for the rich

Liberals have put their foot in it with fiscal missteps

Most unionized PS workers have contracts, but mental health, wages sticking points for holdouts

NAFTA 2.0, now with more Britain, could be a boon for Canada

Politics This Morning: Morneau to announce revisions to tax plan in New Brunswick; Garneau in Montreal; Singh back on the Hill

Roots of Myanmar Rohingya crisis lie in global economy

Scrap Chapter 11 investment mechanism from NAFTA

Tax reform consultation over, but we’re still listening: Morneau

Taxation is more than a fight between good and evil

Two Senate committees at standstill, as membership negotiations ensue

Vox populi on tax reforms

What does victory look like for Canada in Iraq?

Why Saudi Arabia, Israel praise Trump’s Iran nuclear-deal strategy

Women doctors, entrepreneurs say proposed tax changes could make it hard for young professionals to go on maternity leave


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