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ISSUE: 02-27-2017

Articles in this Issue:

‘My job is to strengthen and safeguard the pillars of Canada’s democracy’: Gould

‘Elites’ has become ‘catch-all term of political opportunism,’ say experts

“What do you think of Bill C-33 and how do you think it will improve Canadian elections?”

Benefits of airport privatization questioned

Blind cabinet minister promises Canada’s first national accessibility legislation will have teeth, could be retroactive

Canadian agricultural policy: why supply management?

Canadian-funded film about Syrian hero shown in Ottawa

Donald Trump as an entertaining paper tiger

Every single mode of transport will be negatively impacted by feds’ carbon tax

Fake news not new, not easy to define

Famous 5 Ottawa hosts author Charlotte Gray, whose new book details 150 years of Canada

Five byelections will be first real test for Liberal government

Five byelections won’t be a test of Trudeau but do mark end of an era: Hébert

Garneau gets ready for bigger public role as government rolls out new transportation legislation

Garneau to roll out major federal transportation policy changes

Governor-in-council appointment process: the appearance of change

Grit MP Ouellette emerges from caucus, happy ‘no one lost any teeth’

Hate and terrorism, one and the same?

Here’s a two-track approach to address Islamophobia and create a national dialogue on strengthening our diversity

How to counter the Liberal advantage

Infrastructure funding will boost Canadian economy this year after minimal impact in 2016: expert

Kennedy leaves PMO for Government House Leader’s Office, and more PMO news

Liberal candidates revolt in Markham-Thornhill as retroactive deadline seen as favouring top Trudeau aide Ng

Mulroney’s right, renegotiating NAFTA will be rough and more than a ‘tweak’

My name is Rasha Al-Katta and I am Canadian

New security-screening processes coming for media, MPs’ staff on Hill

Petro-transport industry not immediately affected by carbon taxes: experts

Politics This Morning: Trudeau to meet with Brampton and Mississauga mayors during Ontario travels

The (very) slow death of the Islamic State

The middle class is still waiting

The Status of Government Bills

The Week Ahead in Senate Committees

Time for government to lead on energy

Transportation policy has concrete impact on daily lives of millions of Canadians

Trudeau has done well so far with Trump, but we want a leader who speaks up for Canada 

Trudeau lobbied by universities during his cross-country tour

Whistleblower protection: who really pulls the strings?


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