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ISSUE: 04-26-2017

Articles in this Issue:

‘Poor here’ is poor excuse not to boost foreign aid

A Trump decoder ring, 100 days in

Canada in the U.S.-China crossfire 

Ex-Hill staffers running Lemieux’s leadership campaign

Good news in the Middle East, and it’s Canadian

Good on feds, committee for taking a stand on Venezuela

How one lobby campaign won support of mining, environment, indigenous groups and MPs from all parties

Leadership in the 21st century: politicians need not apply

Legislative lookahead

Less than a quarter of caucus undeclared in Conservative race, with a month to go

Let’s eliminate polio

Malala reminds us of how lucky we are

Mother of all bombs in Afghanistan could help

My name, ethnic diversity don’t need to be hidden

North Korea: reckless megalomaniacs with goofy haircuts playing brinkmanship

Politics This Morning: Conservative leadership hopefuls prepare for final debate tonight

Rookie opposition MP’s bill could pass the Liberal-majority House

Senators, opposition set to challenge pot bill age limits, prison terms in committee

Sexual harassment still taboo among press gallery members

So much for the populist wave

Status of government bills

The case of Justin Trudeau’s ‘often’ missing name tags

The young royals are giving a master class on brand rejuvenation

Tory leadership candidates courting supply management group for support

Trudeau smart to hold his tongue after tough Trump trade talk

U.S. dairy industry better off adopting Canada’s supply management system

Why Trudeau shouldn’t legalize marijuana


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