The Federal Response to the Opioid Crisis

August 11, 2017

Edited by Katie Schultz and Christina Leadlay


The opioid crisis has been at the forefront of work in the House of Commons and the Senate since the Liberal government came to power in late 2015. This deadly issue shows no signs to abating in Western Canada and is slowly creeping across the country.

The opioid crisis touches all levels of government and across non-governmental sectors, including government relations, advocacy and those working on the front lines with people suffering from addictions.

This e-book summarizes the work on the opioid crisis that is going on at the federal level: what the House of Commons and the Senate have been listening to and acting on to help stop and mitigate this tragedy.

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Table of Contents / More Info

Table of Contents

1. The executive summary
A concise report of the federal response to the opioid crisis.

2. Key players
Short biographies of the leading politicians and health sector advocates, with contact details.

3. House and Senate committees
Detailed briefings on all committee meetings on opioids with a summary of witness testimony.

4. Press releases
Synopses of all federal and non-governmental press releases concerning opioids.

5. Debates in the House of Commons
A summary of House of Commons debates on opioids, including Bill C-37.

6. Mentions in Question Period
A summary of every time the opioid issue was mentioned during Question Period.

7. Opioid-related articles from the Hill Times archives
All news and analysis on the topic as published in The Hill Times, The Lobby Monitor and Power & Influence.

8. The look forward
Where will the government and opposition parties take this issue in the coming sitting?