Diplomats celebrate International Women's Day

Spouse of the Algerian Ambassador, Elbia Meghar, with the spouse of Haitian ambassador, Florence Saint-Léger Liautaud. The Heads of Mission Spouses' Association hosted a Women’s Day charity luncheon and auction in support of Haiti at the Egyptian ambassador's residence on March 8. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

Eunyoung Park, spouse of Korean ambassador, and Maria De La Rica Aranguren, spouse of the Spanish ambassador. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

Chiraz Essid, spouse of the Tunisian ambassador, with Hala Elhusseiny Youssef, spouse of the Egyptian ambassador, with Robert Ready and Samantha Mahfood of Food for the Poor Canada, and Aisha Gazim, spouse of Sudanese chargé d'affaires. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

Ms. Meghar with Lerzan Kayihan Unal, spouse of Turkish ambassador, Kerry Vance, spouse of the chief of defence staff, Carol Chatoor, spouse of Trinidad and Tobago high commissioner, and Munira Maarouf, spouse of the chief Palestinian representative. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

EU Ambassador Marie-Anne Coninsx addresses guests at the Museum of History on March 10 for a Women of Note concert marking International Women's Day. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

Jen McLachlen plays the flute and Joan Harrison is on cello. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

House Speaker Geoff Regan hosted Women Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Ottawa on March 6 for International Women's Day. From left, heads of mission of: Guyana, Clarissa Riehl; Afghanistan, Shinkai Karokhail; Bahamas, Roselyn Dorsett-Horton; Barbados, Yvonne Walkes; Croatia, Marica Matkovic; Estonia, Gita Kalmet; Jamaica, Janice Miller; Mr. Regan; Moldova, Ala Beleavschi; EU, Marie-Anne Coninsx; Norway, Anne Kari Hansen Ovind; Rwanda, Shakilla Umutoni; Malaysia, Aminahtun Karim Shaharudin; Saint Kitts & Nevis, Shirley Skerritt-Andrew; Philippines, Petronila Garcia; and Bosnia, Koviljka Spiric. Photograph courtesy of the office of Speaker Geoff Regan