11th Annual Douglas C. Frith dinner, April 13, 2016

Senate Speaker George Furey addressing the crowd of current, former politicians at the Château Laurier on Wednesday, April 13. Jean-Marc Carisse

Liberal MP Denis Paradis, Languages Commissioner Graham Fraser and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson. Jean-Marc Carisse

Andy Mitchell presenting former Quebec Assembly member Russell Williams with honorary lifetime membership. Jean-Marc Carisse

Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef. Jean-Marc Carisse

Liberal Senator Jim Munson, former Liberal Senator Raymond Setlakwe, Liberal MP Wayne Easter, and Senate Speaker George Furey. Jean-Marc Carisse

Former Liberal cabinet minister Ed Lumley and Senator David Smith. Jean-Marc Carisse

Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia and former Chrétien Executive Assistant Bruce Hartley. Jean-Marc Carisse

Former Mulroney-era cabinet minister Gerry Weiner. Jean-Marc Carisse

Former information commissioner John Reid, former Conservative MP Dorothy Dobbie, Liberal MP Larry Bagnell, and CN’s David Miller. Jean-Marc Carisse

Eli Lilly's France Dube, Earnscliffe's Sarah Goldfeder, and Innovative Medicines Canada's Hugh Scott. Jean-Marc Carisse

Senate Speaker George Furey, former Liberal Cabinet Minister Sheila Copps. Jean-Marc Carisse

Former Liberal MP Marlene Catterall chatting with PM Justin Trudeau's chief of staff Katie Telford. Jean-Marc Carisse

Conservative MP Peter Van Loan and The Hill Times' Rachel Aiello Jean-Marc Carisse

NDP MP Erin Weir. Jean-Marc Carisse