Jolly good fellow Kennedy bids farewell to Ottawa Citizen

Policy Magazine's L. Ian MacDonald with CPAC's Peter Van Dusen. Jake Wright

National Post's John Ivison chatting the ear off Canadian Press reporter Jordan Press Jake Wright

Vancouver Sun's Peter O'Neil. Jake Wright

Ottawa Citizen alumnus Norma Greenaway and Juliet O'Neill with Mr. Kennedy. Jake Wright

he Citizen's Lee Berthiaume, Mark Kennedy, and Canadian Press' Mike Blanchfield. Jake Wright

Mark Kennedy and The Canadian Press' Mike Blanchfield. Jake Wright

Broadbent's Sarah Schmidt, Bill Curry, and Norma Greenaway. Jake Wright

Sun News' David Akin, outgoing Ottawa Citizen Hill Bureau Chief Mark Kennedy, Reuters' David Ljunggren, and The Toronto Star's Bruce Campion-Smith. Jake Wright

Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Akin, and Mr. Campion-Smith. Jake Wright

CTV's Don Martin and Craig Oliver, with Global's Tom Clark. Jake Wright

The Globe's Chris Hannay, The Hill Times' Rachel Aiello, and The Globe's Bill Curry. Jake Wright

The Guardian's Jessica Murphy, Buzzfeed's Paul McLeod, and The Citizen's Kady O'Malley. Jake Wright